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ERBA EM 200 Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer added to our Pathological Lab

With immense joy we would like to announce that today we have added one of the most sophisticated Laboratory equipments to our existing Lab services. ERBA EM 200, Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer was pressed into the services at our lab. A brief description of which is given below and also pictures taken during the inauguration have been added to the gallery.

 ERBA EM 200 Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer .

EM 200 is an Automated Random Access Clinical Chemistry Analyzer. It has automated pipetting of reagent and sample by a robotic arm which guarantees precise liquid handling, as low as 2µl and as high as 300µl with an incremental volume of 0.1µl. Aspirating probe has liquid level sensor to check presence of sufficient liquid in the container. Vertical obstruction detection sensor protects the probe thereby increasing its longevity.

Smart Mixing User can specify cleaning level. It has 3 level cleaning systems. It is useful for Immunoterbidometric assays. EM 200 has separate cleaning station to ensure exact result.

Quality control with multiple rules EM 200 has LJ chart based quality control to ensure quality of reagent and instruments.

On Board Laundry Waste from cuvette is collected in a special container. Cleaning done by distill water and ERBA XL Wash. After cleaning cuvettes are sent to drying section.

Flexible Sample Carousal Provides convenience for sample loading in primary tubes of 500 µl, 2 ml, 5 ml, 7 ml, 10 ml, and sample cups. 30 positions are fixed for placing sample positions and 9 positions can be assigned for Blank/Sample/Calibrator/Control/STAT Samples. An optional Bar-code reader makes the operation simple and user friendly, thereby increasing operator’s efficiency.

Reagent Carousal consists of 50 cooled positions for system pack bottles. Flexible options of 50 ml, 24 ml, bottles and 5 ml adapter. Calibration Linear, Non-linear, multi-point and K factor type of calibration makes EM 200 system reliable. For Immunoturbidometric assays up-to 10 standards can be used. Calibration system provides accurate information about the curve, date and time of calibration.