In-Patient Department

This department provides dedicated indoor treatment for TB and has about 200 (Two Hundred) functional beds for treatment of patients who come from various places of Ranchi District as well as from far-off areas of Jharkhand and a few neighboring states. TB eradication drive is now being pursued mainly through DOTS (Direct Observed Treatment Scheme) which is a national programme. But there are so many TB patients in Jharkhand who are so famished and poor that they cannot afford to have proper nutritious diet along with proper medication, which is very much essential for complete recovery from TB. These are the most vulnerable patients who require sustained in-door treatment with medicine under strict supervision and proper balanced nutrition which our Sanatorium has been able to provide successfully. Diagnosis here is made mainly on clinical grounds through sputum examination as well as X-Ray. The hospital has a well-fitted Pathology Laboratory and a Radiology unit for diagnostic purpose.

The seriously ill TB patients often have other associated heath problems like severe protein energy malnutrition, liver function impairment, severe anaemia, respiratory distress due to extensive lung damage, repeated bouts of malaria, addiction to alcohol etc. Such patients in serious conditions cannot tolerate the usual doses of Anti-Tubercular Treatment or ATT. So the doses have to be adjusted according to their body weight (the weight of many adult patients who come to the Sanatorium ranges between 25 and 35 kilos.). Many elderly patients who have come under category II of WHO (World Health Organization) classification cannot tolerate streptomycin well. These patients and others, who develop side-effects such as hepatitis due to ATT have to be very closely monitored in an institution under the care and guidance of duly qualified doctors and some seriously ill patients require intravenous fluids, oxygen therapy etc., which cannot be provided under DOTS regime.

Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) cases are also treated in this Sanatorium. ATT for MDR-TB is expensive, toxic and requires close monitoring which is possible only in an institution with indoor facilities. The hospital has physicians who specialize in treatment of TB and associated diseases. Further, Indoor patients are given health education in all aspects of TB, such as required duration of treatment, hazards of discontinuing it, prevention of spreading TB to others by regular intake of drugs as per physician's advice etc. Thus trained, the patients understand the importance of taking regular ATT and comply with our instructions even after getting discharged from here. Non-MDR patients are usually discharged after a period of 3 to 6 months, depending upon factors like sputum conversion, clinical improvement and compliance of the patients. On the whole, all efforts are made to see that TB patients become sputum negative and complete their course of treatment duly.